xxl billabong wipeouts 2013

Out of all the big wipeouts in the world only the biggest and the heaviest wipeouts make it onto this video. There is some insane stuff in this clip. The billabong xxl is the thing that all the big wave surfers and all the dare devels go in. This is the wipeouts of all those big waves surfed. I hope you enjoy it because I certantly did!

Reflection for Maths

Day 1
Today we created a website and put one product on. The store is virtial and we named it super savings. The price of anti stick asics powder was $25 and now is $15. Most things are on special.
Day 2
Today we put another 2 items on our website. The first one was 30% off and the second was 66.66666% off. I learned that it is easy to find the percentage if it is 100 or 1000.
Day 3
Today I learned another way hoe to find a percentage and that way is finding 10% then times it by how much you want. We also put another 2 items on our shop.
Today we created another website and put another item on it. We also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the percentage of our item but we used all that we knew to get it.
We have finished 2 websites and have gained a 15% profit and we learned a lot of different ways to find percentages.
Here are the links if you want a look: http://www.simplesite.com/builder/pages/builder.aspx

Global Footprint Challenge

In the global foot print challenge if everybody lived like me we would need 3.2 earths.

I thought that the thing that asked you all the questions was smart and was very reflective on how we live and how we could live better.

The things that I think that we need to change to be better for the environment are eat less packaged foods and get a more fuel efficient car (Mum take note).

Start, Stop Poems

When I go surfing
Everything goes out the door
Everything is okay
There is everything
Fear, excitement and thrill
That feeling of a perfect ride
When you get sucked over the falls
This is the best
When I go surfing

When you go to space
You can go to mars and see aliens
You can go to neptune and meet the king of the sea
You can go to the moon and see dead apes
You can go to saturn and meet the lord of the ring
You can go to the milkyway and eat one
When you go to space

I am normal
But then I got a collingwood membership
So then I lost most of my teeth
And got heaps of tattos
And shaved my head
And got a collingwood car numberplate
And got scummy clothes
And grew ba massive beard
Now i’m not normal

When I fall asleep
I wake up!!!!
When I fall asleep

What I did Last Week

Last week the year 5’s had the naplan testing so us year 6’s got to play with our Buddys. I have two Buddys but on the first day only one was there. They were both there on the two other days. With our Buddys we made books on the iPads and books on paper. They loved it.

On Friday i had Landy Field Athletics. All the kids that come first or second on the sports day in something go there. I come second in hurdles at Landy Field which means I go through to the next round. I didn’t do too well in discus or shot put. I had a great day and our school did really well.


That was my week.

Student Blogging Challenge, Mountain Biking

Mountain biking.

I love mountain biking. It is such an interesting sport and there is always something new. I love going to a place called Forrest. At this place there are heaps of fun little single tracks. I like going on the hard ones but there are tracks for the experienced and the unexperienced. I like charging the fast downhill and climbing the steep uphill. I just love the feeling of speed whether it is for surfing, bike riding, downhill skateboarding or motorbike riding. I am also lucky because my Dad loves riding too so we can go together, with family, with friends or both. My Mum likes bike riding but not fast downhill or steep uphill.

My School Week

This week at St Therese we had to make science experiments at home then bring them in to school. First we showed our two peers and our two peers had to predict, observe and explain what happened. At this time the parents could walk around and also have a look at our experiments. Then my two peers showed me theirs and we did the same thing.


I think I have done pretty well at school. We had a comp between all the classes to see which one was the best on Thursday and Friday. I worked pretty hard and got heaps of points. We haven’t yet heard the results but I hope yellow have won.